Why SearchTree Recruitment is Your Best Choice

SearchTree Recruitment understands that job recruiting is about more than just filling a role. It's about choosing a person that can fill the needs of that role while making a real contribution to your company.

Here's why you should select SearchTree Recruitment to project manage your next permanent placement search:

1. Streamline Your Hiring Process

SearchTree ensures the job recruitment process has as little impact on your company's productivity as possible. This saves you the time, resources and effort it requires to post job openings, review resumes, and screen prospective candidates. It also ensures postings related to a confidential search are distributed under the SearchTree Recruitment banner. SearchTree does all the work to make the hiring process simple and effortless for you.

After as little as one consultation, SearchTree delivers resumes of several highly qualified candidates you will be delighted to interview.  When you interview the final candidates, you will know which one will have the most positive impact on your team and you will have an easy time making a hiring decision.


2. Find the Perfect Candidate

SearchTree goes above and beyond to find candidates that not only fit your company's needs, but will excel in the position, whether it's an entry-level, managerial or executive position. The right combination of knowledge, skills, experience, eagerness to learn, and potential for growth are all essential factors that are analyzed to select the optimal candidates for the role.

SearchTree values your time, so you aren't introduced to candidates that are lacking minimum requirements or that don't have potential. As a boutique job recruiting agency, SearchTree unearths hidden gem candidates that larger recruiting agencies may never find.

3. Detailed Interview Notes

Adding the right member to your team is an incredible investment that can pay off for years to come. SearchTree recognizes the time and money your business invests in each new hire. SearchTree's thorough screening process ensures you're only presented with candidates who will fit in at your company.

SearchTree provides access to extremely detailed notes and information that allow you to make a wise hiring decision for your business. Combining data on candidate experiences, expectations and skills, notes taken during the interview process, and insights from references, SearchTree guarantees you will have a clear and concise picture of each candidate.

4. Nineteen Years of Experience

Founder, Tamara Fontana, has been in the job recruiting business for 19 years. Her expertise and diligence ensures that every time you engage in a job search with SearchTree Recruitment, you will be delivered with superior candidates and your company will benefit from a smooth recruitment and hiring process.

5. Highly Personalized Service

SearchTree has the resources and scope of a larger recruitment agency, but is able to dedicate an experienced recruiter's personalized attention and discretion at every stage of your search. This leads to finding just the right candidates that best fit your job profile.

SearchTree Recruitment has been built on solid partnerships with clients that have been founded on trust, open discussions, and a commitment from each party.

Engaging with SearchTree Recruitment will enable you and your senior staff to concentrate on managing and growing your business while SearchTree prioritizes and project manages your searches.

Your Recruitment Consultant at SearchTree Recruitment takes seriously how critical it is to stay on top of a search project over the course of the campaign for candidates and to apply their recruiting expertise and dedication to each stage of the search.

6. No Hidden Fees or Costs and a Value Proposition that is Structured to Your Advantage

SearchTree offers a unique value proposition for its recruitment and placement services and charges a competitive, straight-forward, percentage based fee for each placement in a manner that is structured to YOUR advantage.  There is no fee until SearchTree has delivered your chosen candidate and our project is not complete until their 90th day with you.

In following the success of clients with their placements and continuing to work on additional projects, it is evident that the value of their added human capital outweighs the recruitment fee and successful candidate's incremental salary.  Not to mention the time and resources saved by entrusting SearchTree Recruitment to ensure a good hire through a diligently managed search.


Are you seeking to cultivate a partnership with an independent recruiter local to Vaughan that will take the time to understand your business and enable you to attract, hire, and retain the best employees for your team? For more information, let's connect. SearchTree is an affordable and cost-effective recruitment and placement services solution and delivers experienced and qualified candidates clients are excited about hiring.