Find Highly Qualified Candidates for any Position

SearchTree locates the best candidates in the field for your office team. SearchTree caters to companies looking to recruit key employees at all levels of experience, from top level Executives and Managers to Entry-Level Clerks and Technicians across Finance and Accounting, Operations Management, Administration, Quality Assurance, Sales & Marketing, and Human Resources departments.

Recruit Managers and Executives

When your company is filling management and executive positions, SearchTree spearheads the search. Companies that work with SearchTree to hire Managers and Executives find better candidates that can grow a team which will help with subsequent hires. Whether you're seeking several key players for a brand new management team, or filling a single vacancy, SearchTree will find experienced candidates who will shine for your business.

Recruit for your Office Team

Unlike many job recruiters in Vaughan, SearchTree excels at finding employees at all levels of experience. From highly skilled and experienced senior level positions such as Controllers, Engineering Managers, Operations Managers, Purchasing Managers and other designated professionals, to recent graduates with knowledge in their field, some early experience and lots of potential, as well as Technicians, Administrative or Clerical staff, SearchTree is committed to finding dependable candidates for any level in your company's hierarchy. SearchTree's fee is percentage based, so clients often find it's just as cost effective to recruit entry and mid-level employees as it is to recruit high-level managers and executives.

SearchTree has completed placements in the following Industries:

  • Manufacturing (food, fabricated metal, consumer packaged goods)
  • Professional Services Firms
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Technology
  • Real Estate Holdings
  • Healthcare Services
  • Entertainment & Film Production


Why can you count on SearchTree Recruitment as your single professional search firm that can ensure successful placements for your office no matter the position?  SearchTree Recruitment will find candidates with the right level of knowledge, experience and qualifications and the best industry experience to fit in with your office team. Contact SearchTree Recruitment to discuss a new position for which you are planning to recruit or to fill a vacancy.